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Beyerdynamic Soul BYRD In-ear Headphones Now Available

Beyerdynamic Soul BYRD In-ear Headphones Now Available

Issue Time:2019-10-17

by suki.wang@dgbosta.com Oct.17 2019

The new Soul BYRDfrom Beyerdynamic is the ideal companion for music lovers who wantwell-balanced sound and good resolution on the go – without sacrificingfunctionality. Due to the expertise of the Heilbronn-based sound specialists,the headset’s extra-slim design does not interfere with sound quality. Thelight, ergonomic housing ensures that the headphones are hardly noticeable andthat the listener can concentrate fully on the fine details of music.


The housing of theSoul BYRD has been ergonomically adapted to the shape of the human ear.Designed to be ultra-slim, the headphones do not protrude from the auricle andwill not exert pressure on the ear even when the user is lying on their side.Five included silicone ear tips (XS, S, M, L and XL) ensure perfect fit.Optionally, the Soul BYRD can be used with Comply (400 Series) ear tips foreven better shielding against ambient noise.

Just leave yoursmartphone in your pocket: the universal three-button remote control withintegrated microphone makes the Soul BYRD the perfect complement for anyAndroid and iOS device. With the touch of a button, one can pause the music,start the digital assistant or accept calls. When needed, the headset can alsobe stored safely and tightly in the small hardcase supplied.

The first-classcraftsmanship and sophisticated design of the Soul BYRD are complemented by itshigh-quality materials. The cable is extremely flexible and robust, minimisingcable noise and staying in perfect shape even when used daily. The elegant decorativeplates, made of anodised and glass-bead blasted aluminium, feature the new andcharacteristic Y signet. Ear tips and cerumen protection can be easily cleanedor replaced so that music lovers can enjoy "their Beyerdynamic" for along time.

SoulBYRD Specifications

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