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Hundred explosion, blast your ears, JEET AIR true wireless Bluetooth headset measured

Hundred explosion, blast your ears, JEET AIR true wireless Bluetooth headset measured

Issue Time:2019-08-27

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com Aug ,27, 2019


Choosing a Bluetooth headset is not only aboutfashion but also quality. Now, for everyone who is keen on pursuing enjoyment,its been a time to get a headset and only know the age oflistening to songs. High-quality headphones are those that can give your ears afeast of hearing and enjoyment. Today, the author introduces a real wirelessBluetooth headset, without a cable, completely free from the shackles of thewire - JEET Air TWS true wireless sports Bluetooth headset.

JEET Air True Wireless Bluetooth Headset isdeveloped and produced by Xiaojie Technology (Taijie). Xiaojie Technology hasbeen focusing on audio and video technology for more than 10 years, constantlyaccumulating the advantages and strengths of audio and video, and cutting-edge technology. Convergence and exploration are atthe core, and innovations are constantly being made in the audio and video field. From the recent power of the truewireless Bluetooth headset, strength and confidence coexist, and the recentpre-sales have made it difficult to find a machine.

From the packaging, black packaging design,bronzing English capital "JEET", the outsourcing of headphoneswithout showing on the packaging also makes this headset a mystery, I lookforward to further understanding of the appearance.

The surrounding of the package is muchsimpler, all in a pure black design, and the bottom is the parameterdescription of the JEET Bluetooth headset. There is no description of thefunction, so we can only open the package further.

Open the package to see the batterycompartment of the JEET AIR true wireless Bluetooth headset, the headset isinside the battery compartment so it is better to protect.

After unpacking, the unpacking accessoriesare: JEET AIR battery compartment (with dual earphones), one charging cable,four spare cochlear sleeves, and one mobile phone.

From the appearance point of view, JEETAIR's battery compartment design is still relatively good-looking, similar tothe elliptical and cylindrical design, the entire battery compartment is notonly sleek and compact, but also looks gray in appearance.

There are 2 LED indicators on the front ofthe battery compartment, which will light up when pairing, connecting andcharging. It can effectively understand the usage status of the batterycompartment according to the lighting.

The back of the JEET AIR battery compartmentis the charging interface, which uses the Micro USB interface. In fact, thisinterface is also the author's most want to vomit. The type-c popular todayshould be replaced as soon as possible. After all, the mobile phone is TYPE-C.Now, if you go out with a headset, you have to take a Micro USB charging cableseparately, which is not convenient.

The top is simple, and only the JEET iconhas no special features.

At the bottom, the parameter model of thisearphone is introduced. Because JEET AIR has the charging function of thebattery compartment, the input voltage is: 5V-1A, the output voltage is:5V-0.4A, and the Bluetooth connection method is adopted.

Open the battery compartment to see theinside, the headphones are also black, and the two headphones are quietly lyingin the exclusive slot of the battery compartment. The earphone slot is alsodivided into left and right, and each earphone must be in an exclusiveposition. The contact slot is equipped with a contact charging method and aprofessional card slot. The earphones are not easily detached in the earphoneslot, and the plug-in charging does not need to worry about the powerlessnessof the earphone every time.

JEET AIR true wireless Bluetooth headsetearphone cavity shell is dark gray plastic material, the surface gloss isstrong, the weight of a single earphone is only 5.5 grams, the weight is stillrelatively light, so there is no obvious weight feeling after wearing, longWear is not painful. The part that comes into contact with the cochlea is askin-like material. The material is smooth and skin-friendly. It has noparticularly strong plastic feeling and is convenient to carry.


Although it is just a small earphone, thetechnology iterates 13 times, each time up to 50 days, 15 Bluetooth, RF, andwireless technology engineers work together to continuously test Bluetoothstability, wearing experience and drop. Technically, the stability of theBluetooth connection, continuous low power optimization, and the technicaldifficulty of the product are solved, and the JEET AIR TWS true wirelessBluetooth headset is created.

JEET AIR TWS is also very convenient toconnect. It only needs to be connected once with the mobile phone toautomatically remember the connection information. The next time you open thebattery compartment to remove the earphone, it will automatically connect.Automatically disconnect after being placed in the charging compartment,automatically connect after taking out, easy to play music and pursue, it isconvenient and saves time.


The right ear can be used independently:Since the right earphone is the main ear, if you lose the left side, the rightside can still be used independently.

JEET AIR TWS also adopts customizednano-diaphragm technology and unique front and rear sound chamber design, whichhighly restores the approximate HIFI sound quality, truly achieves lowfrequency and powerful, high-pitched and powerful, and surround sound stereo isvery hierarchical, 100 yuan headphones It is rare to see it inside, and afteradding noise reduction processing, it is clear whether it is listening to musicor talking.

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