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Small and sleek, comfortable to wear - South Carolina N1s true wireless Bluetooth headset

Small and sleek, comfortable to wear - South Carolina N1s true wireless Bluetooth headset

Issue Time:2019-08-20

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com Aug ,20, 2019


No good headphones, it affects the mood ofeating chicken, the gunshots and footsteps of the other party can not correctlyidentify the position, it is a headache, now with the South Carolina N1sBluetooth headset, the voice interaction with the teammates is smoother, theoutside environment The sound is "not a problem with me" O ( _ ) O haha ~ Thank you for asking me about the South Carolina N1sBluetooth headset provided by the Wowwo evaluation platform, help me to eatchicken!

The outer packaging of the South Carolina N1sBluetooth headset follows the minimalist business style, with a specialminimalist atmosphere. The overall design is black. The upper left corner isthe English logo of South Carolina. The lower right corner corresponds to themodel of the headset. The front design of the box is conspicuous. Theappearance of the headphones is rendered in a 3D stereoscopic sense.

The back of the box is related to theproduct name, model, manufacturer, official WeChat public number of the SouthCarolina N1s headset.

The components inside the box are neatlyarranged, and the earphones and the charging compartment are fixed with blacksponges, which are very reliable.

Packing list

South Carolina N1s Bluetooth headset * 1pair, large ear cap * 2 pairs, medium ear cap * 1 pair, small ear cap * 2pairs, ear support * 1 pair, ear ring * 1 pair, manual, warranty card andCharging Cable.

Nanka N1s Bluetooth headset chargingcompartment is oval appearance, 68*38*32mm size, special compact, easy tocarry, the surrounding corners are polished very smooth, round, plus thesurface of the black coating, feels more feel Fine, not easy to stickfingerprints.

The overall design of the chargingcompartment pursues simplicity and beauty. Only the NINEKA logo is designed on the top of thelid. The opening method of the flip cover is flexible.

The front of the charging compartment isthe remaining battery indicator. According to the official, it can also provideovercharge protection, temperature protection, battery PTC protection, overpower protection, short circuit protection and voltage regulation protection.


The back of the charging compartment is a Micro usb charging port. The charging compartment has a built-in 450mAh lithium battery. The single ear comes with 50mAh. The charging compartment can charge the earphone for about 4 times. The charging time is 1 hour for the earphone and 2 hours for the charging bin. 5h, the charging bin lasts for 20h, long battery life, uninterrupted music, and endurance.

The South Carolina N1s Bluetooth headset isa magnetic charging method. The earphone compartment is designed with a metalcontact point. As long as the earphone is close, it will accumulate the alignment. The charging compartment ismarked with the L, R ear logo, and the inside of theearphone. L, R" is a corresponding, very user-friendly design.

The earphones are round and generous, andthey are very smooth to touch. In addition to high value, they are equippedwith various ear caps of different sizes to meet different human earrequirements. The earphones have three-point ear support design, plus earhookdesign and double reinforcement. It is very close to the ear, and it is noteasy to fall off even with high-intensity exercise. Waterproof IPX5+nano-coating for waterproof, sweat-proof and splash-proof.

Aviation grade silicone ear cap, special skin-friendlyand elastic, long wearing without raising ears.

The noise reduction performance of theearphones is also very good. The earphones can intelligently recognize theambient sound and perform band noise reduction, filter out the noisy ambientsound, make the voice call clearer, free from environmental influences, andfreely talk.

The South Carolina N1s Bluetooth headset isequipped with the new Bluetooth 5.0. It is greatly enhanced in terms oftransmission distance and connection stability. The transmission has less delayand compatibility. The compatibility is also improved. The effective connectionrange of 15 meters is not afraid. Disconnected, playing games can also help tolisten to the voice, clear voice dialogue, reduce interference, help the chickento go smoother.

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