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Net red earphones Taijie JEET C1, sound quality aesthetic experience

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Net red earphones Taijie JEET C1, sound quality aesthetic experience

Issue Time:2019-05-29

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com May 28,2019

Bluetooth headset, has been a hot word fortwo years, the cancellation of 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth headset usheredin new development opportunities, Taijie from a company focused on audio, videotechnology, began to develop their own headphones. Taijie headphones havereceived attention from all aspects in the world. 15 years of audio-visualtechnology has been precipitated. JEET has been taken from the Englishtranslation of "Jet Kune Do" and the philosophy of "non-fashionis not equipped with X". Every earphone developed by the market has beenmarketed. Greatly welcome, recently, Taijie has launched a classic"comfort" series of headphones - Bluetooth headset JEET C1, theclassic "side into the ear" design introduced into thewire-controlled Bluetooth headset, white small fresh design, let me At firstsight, I liked it.

The design of this headset is simple andgenerous, and the transparent window on the front allows me to be attracted bythe white headphones at the moment I get the hand, and the brand LOGO isprinted on the top. In the upper right corner, the product model "C1"is printed. The whole earphone box is relatively small and exquisite. The whitedesign of the whole body makes the box a little fresher. Personally, I likethis fresh and simple packaging.

The back of the box is printed with thebasic information of the product, and the five biggest highlights of theproduct: multi-purpose remote control, long-lasting battery life, IPX5anti-sweat, excellent sound quality, Qualcomm CSR chip. Especially mentionedhere is the Qualcomm CSR chip. The biggest advantage of this Qualcomm CSRseries chip is that it can ensure the stability and fast connection ofBluetooth. Generally only high-end headphones will be willing to use Qualcommchips.

Pulling out the box from the side, thefirst thing I see is the earphone and the data cable. The appearance of theearphone white is my favorite. There are two concave slots, one for theearphone and one for the data cable. The concave groove design can ensure theheadphone transportation. The safety can also fix the product and make theproduct more beautiful.

Open the lower box and remove all theaccessories and earphone body. The accessories are equipped with a white datacable, a white earphone clip, a pair of silicone earmuffs, a white leatherstorage bag, all the accessories are white like headphones. Put together, veryfresh, as a literary youth, this color is really too eye-catching.

The outer side of the earphone adopts theinnovative prismatic face-to-face design, and the inner side adopts the curvedcurved design. The two sides have their own characteristics, which are combinedand very beautiful. Built-in 13mm large moving coil unit, professional customcomposite diaphragm speaker, making the sound quality more beautiful andethereal.

The remote part of the right side of theearphone is white, and the function button/volume up/down button/indicator isintegrated. When using, you can cut the song, adjust the volume, and make theright hand operation more convenient when you make a call.

The accessory comes with a pair of siliconeearmuffs. After using the silicone cap, the earphones in the ear are relativelymore comfortable.

The left side of the headset is a batterymodule with a built-in 140mAh polymer battery, which can provide up to 11 hoursof music time, and can achieve 370 hours of standby time when fully charged.This time, the Taijie C1 also comes with a clip. When you are exercising, youcan clip it on your clothes. It is not easy to shake with the movement and itwill be stronger when you use it.

In the process of use, personally feel thatthe resolution of this headset is good, especially when listening to pop songs,vocals, instrument sounds, the level of detail in the singing process can berealized, the sound is transparent, clean and pleasant, high-frequency analysisThe force is good, the sound is natural, the details are good, and the lowfrequency is weak. The overall listening is good, suitable for a daily commute,headphones for sports

Taijie also provided a leather storage bagfor this earphone, which can be conveniently stored when not in use. Theheadset also supports IPX5 sports-grade waterproofing, and new nano-coatingtechnology that can be worn in rainy weather when sweating.

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