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Wireless Bluetooth headphones VS wired headphones ? These details are important for beginners to know.

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Wireless Bluetooth headphones VS wired headphones ? These details are important for beginners to know.

Issue Time:2019-05-21

Nowadays, earphones are a necessity of people’s life. For example, on the Subway and on the road, people can be seen walking with earphones everywhere. Wired headsets and Bluetooth headsets each have their advantages. Here’s a list of them.

No matter what brand of Bluetooth headset it is, it needs to be charged. But wired phones are different. Not only do they not need to be charged, but they also have 100%guaranteed sound quality, making them easy for everyone to use. If the place where you normally listen to music is mainly indoors, such as in office, playing games, watching movies and other scenes, wired headphones are definitely a better choice.

In general, the transmission distance of Bluetooth wireless earphones is within ten meters, so it is better to keep distance when people are talking, so as not to cause poor call quality.

The Sound quality of wired transmission is better if it is combined with professional Hifi music mobile phone, game sound card and other devices; better auditory effect can be achieved.

If you usually listen to music in the open air, such as commuting, running and exercising, it is better to choose Bluetooth headset. Because Bluetooth headsets are free of cables, they are more comfortable and convenient to wear.

Nowadays,many Bluetooth earphones come with active noise reduction function, which can isolate external interference. It is a good experience to use

Noise reduction ear in many noisy public places.

Wired earphones also have obvious disadvantages. For example, when they are placed, they are prone to thread and thread entanglement, which often takes time to undo.They are not suitable for physical exercise, such as walking, running and fitness.

Whatever the headphones are, they have their pros and cons! Bluetooth earphone and wired earphone have their own characteristics. The specific choice to see what you do with a professional earphone is o.k. just listen to music, what kind of earphone is OK.

In general,given the same cost (price point)-wired headphones are definitely better than Bluetooth headphones.

Wired headphones sound better than Bluetooth headphones, no doubt about it, at least for the current level of headphone production. Because what Bluetooth transmits is pure digital signal, the play back affect of the headset has nothing to do with the playback device and purely depends on the decoding ability of the headset itself.The average Bluetooth headset is often very small; there is no way to build a good decoder. In addition, from the structure point of view, the Bluetooth headset has many key parts, and the cost of these parts is very high, generally speaking, a 300-400 Yuan Bluetooth earplug. The quality of a 80-100 Yuan common earplug .Bluetooth transmission rate is only about 300 kbps, unable to transmit high-quality audio signals, So the sound quality often cannot meet the higher requirements. So it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you based on your life needs.

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