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The budget is 500 yuan, the most recommended four true wireless headphones

The budget is 500 yuan, the most recommended four true wireless headphones
Issue Time:2019-05-07

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com May 5,2019


In the summer that is about to usher, thetrue wireless headset is definitely the most refreshing choice for users to goout. In recent years, the true wireless headset market is hot, and there are alarge number of products to choose from. Wireless does not have to endanger thethickness of the wallet. Today, I have brought four real wireless headphonesthat are worth buying in the budget of 500 yuan. I recommend it to everyone.


FIIL is a headset brand created and foundedby famous rock musician Wang Feng. And this T1 is also FIIL's first TWS (truewireless) headset.

The FIIL T1's single earphone is about 4.8gand is very light to wear. Around the headphone cavity, the specially designedRotateSecure ear flap developed by FIIL in conjunction with the CNIS ErgonomicsLaboratory is securely and securely worn in the ear.

Say the headset itself, let's take a lookat its charging box. The FIIL T1 charging box is square and has a mattetexture. The charging box with rounded corners is not obvious. The box chargingstand has a magnetic setting, the earphone is placed in the automaticadsorption charging, and the front side has an indicator light.

FIIL T1 headphones use Taiwan RealtekRealtek RTL8763B Bluetooth chip, support Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it also usesthe LDS antenna technology used by the iPhone on the headphones, making theheadphone sound transmission more stable, lower power consumption, fasterconnection, more delay Low, more compatible.

In terms of battery life, the FIIL T1headphones are optimized with MorpheusSTB intelligent power consumption, whichlasts up to 6 hours of battery life in a lightweight body. The tailor-madebattery box can provide an additional 3 full battery life for the ears, for atotal of 24 hours.

As a sports headset, waterproof anddustproof is a must-have "basic". FIIL T1 headphones achieve IPx5waterproof and IP6x dustproof grade, nano waterproof coating design, protectthe internal circuitry of the headset, not afraid of rain wash, more fearlesssweat erosion.

In addition, FIIL T1 headphones supportbinaural HD calls, built-in noise reduction dedicated microphone, DSP technologyto eliminate environmental noise, and high-definition calls in noisy gyms.




Mifo O5 true wireless sports Bluetoothheadset

As a sports earphone brand, mifo has beenactive in the sports circle in recent years and has participated in many marathonevents. Many athletes also recognize the experience of mifo sports headphones.In 2018, mifo launched a true wireless headset O5 designed for the sportsman.The product is excellent in terms of wearing comfort, firmness, sound quality,water resistance and endurance. It is a very comprehensive wireless. headset.


A big problem with many real wirelessheadsets on the market today is that the two left and right earphones areunstable (the Bluetooth transmission distance is short). In order to solve thisproblem, mifo O5 adopts the latest Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, the signal strengthreaches more than 20 meters, the transmission is stable, the power consumptionis low, and the normal use will not be stuck.


At the same time, the headset also supportsIPX7 waterproof, which can easily resist the erosion of rain and sweat duringexercise. In terms of battery life, the headset itself can be used for about 7hours, and the portable charging box (2600 mAh) can provide up to 15 times ofpower supply, providing a total of 105 hours of battery life!

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