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7 Headphone Trends to Watch in 2019

7 Headphone Trends to Watch in 2019
Issue Time:2019-05-05

7 HeadphoneTrends to Watch in 2019

 by suki.wang@dgbosta.com    May 5th, 2019

Do you know thatsome of the technology used in current headphones is more than 100 years old?But still, headphones have been improved with time, and they have become moreadvanced. Following, we are going to discuss the latest trends that are forcingto drive the headphone industry in upcoming years. If you are an audiophile andyou have your headphones on almost all the time, then you don’t want to missout on these trends!


1.  Bone Conduction

This technologyhas been around for a while. The term sounds very ominous but its grounded morein physiology. The sound is nothing but a series of vibrations interpreted bythe ear and brain. This vibration travels via air, however bone conductionsends these vibrations to upper portion of jaw, from where the sounds get intoinner ear. The concept here is to offer a seamless route for sound into yourear. This tech has not been perfected yet.


2.  Translation Headphone

This is not anew concept as well. It has been used in popular culture for a while now. It’sabout time we see a real-life example of this headphone.  Headphones are becoming more practical, andspecific functions let you have a better understanding of your environment.


Be it amplifyingheadphones, hearing aids, or something else. Recently, it was confirmed that abig tech company is developing a pair of headphones which can translate morethan 40 languages for the user in real time. This will be an incredible helpfor people who want to visit a foreign counter whose language they don’tunderstand.


3.  Noise Cancelling

Severalimprovements are being introduced in noise-cancelling headphones. Noisecancelling wasn’t that effective before. Its nice of the companies takingnotice and fixing that issue in time. Noise cancelling is among the few techsthat are becoming very smooth with time.


With time, weare hopeful the revisions in this tech will block more extraneous sounds thanbefore. Moreover, these headphones shoulder offers the user a choice noisefiltering and noise acceptance.


4.  USB-C Port

Just likesmartphones, headphones are getting a new charging standard. This change isoverdue because USB-C is a universally adopted port that is renowned for itsversatility. A Marjory of products now charges via USB-C. Its true mostcompanies do keep updated their tech while keeping the old charging standardswith them. Almost every earbud or headphone introduced after mid-2018 featureda USB-C charging port.


The convenienceof having a compatible charger for multiple devices can’t be understated.Therefore, we had to bring it out!


5.  VR And Soundscape

With theintroduction of Virtual and Augmented Reality, its obvious sound will have abetter spatial complexity. The surround sound system gives its audience anearly 360-degree sound experience. This promises a better immersion inwhatever content is played.


In future,headphones will offer the same level of spatial sophistication. It will be amajor improvement.  This will become theutmost priority for developers all around. However, the success of this stuffdepends on how well dos VR and AR fair in the future.


6.  Internet of Things

We have startedto see the smart tech being embedded into headphones. Due to this improvement,the headphones will be able to track your health and habits while offering thebasic functionality of typical headphones. Yes, smartwatches and wearable techget a lot of attention, but smart headphones might be the next step ahead inwearable technology.


7.  General Improvements

Apart from thesetech improvements, we are expecting some other improvements this year includingaesthetics and wireless technology. Wireless headphones or headsets have beenaround for a while. They will have better sound, battery life, and aestheticsthis year.  Designers have been givenenough time and tries, its time they perfect their product, and we expect tosee this come true this year.


Some headphoneseries will see a major redesign this year. These redesigns are geared to wordslong hours of comfortable use. Headphones are to be made lighter, and gentlerin their embrace; this theme is expected to set the standards of headphonesshortly.

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