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How to judge the quality of bluetooth headset

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How to judge the quality of bluetooth headset

Issue Time:2019-04-15

      How to judge the quality of bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headset is a kind of wireless communication product, which USES bluetooth technology for wireless connection, from the early 1.1 and 1.2 to the mature phase of 2.1, 2.1+EDR, then to 3.0, 4.0 and now 4.1,4.2 version is also about to be released.In fact, for bluetooth headset, the current version of 2.1+EDR is ok, because the transmission rate is very good, other versions of the upgrade, not to the audio class of help, it is worth saying that bluetooth 4.0 is a low power consumption, but the current audio is not used, do not elaborate.
Bluetooth headset can release our hands, to do more things, for driving a friend, also increases the safety factor, the new traffic rules specified drive can't make a phone call with the hand, this also is domestic bluetooth hot one of the main factors, from scratch, from there to cognition, then to the present popularization, the short several years, bluetooth products have been changed both inside and outside the great river north and south, the Great Wall.
So how can we tell whether a bluetooth headset is good or bad when we buy one?

A phone that supports bluetooth
Method/step 1:
Option: a mature bluetooth IC is its fundamental, just like buying a computer to choose CPU, is the heart of the part, a good solution to a good product.At present, the best bluetooth audio IC on earth is a CSR.



See signal: since bluetooth headset is a wireless product, we should first see how the communication signal is. The theoretical distance of bluetooth headset is 10 meters.This is the minimum standard that should be met. Otherwise, the phone cannot be used even in the pocket. We might as well not use this bluetooth headset.

Look at the appearance of the process: if a product, its appearance is rough, flaws constantly, then the company is certainly not in the certification of the product, the quality of its products may not be guaranteed.So regardless of whether the appearance design is good or bad, the production process we must be included in the selection criteria.
Method /step 4:

Listen to sound quality effect, we can decide sound quality effect through listening to music, bluetooth earphone or acoustics, it is ok to pass software debug EQ, so sound quality should be better than good just normal, at least cannot compare headphone line bad just goes.Not to mention all the other noises and currents.
Method /step 5:
Look at the effect of the call, especially the microphone.After you connect to your phone, call a friend through a bluetooth headset to see how the call went, and if there was any echo, noise, current, etc.Whether the sound volume of both sides is reasonable, generally it should not be too small, but too big. We can 
reduce it by mobile phone or earphone .
 Method /step 6:
 A good headset should have a durable battery, depending on the time.Now the mobile phone battery is not durable to bring us a lot of trouble, bluetooth headphones should also consider this.General bluetooth headset should be in the 
call or music time in 4-5 hours or more is preferred.Standby time of 3-5 days is preferred.This is for reference only, as each bluetooth headset is different in shape and battery size.
 Method step7:
     Choose a brand, although not the brand is bigger the better, but now the bluetooth industry, is a person to do, do the product is very rubbish, is completely the way to go underground channel, just make money is not to do the product.So when we choose to buy, or as much as possible the choice of the brand, but it is not recommended to buy big brand, because the same product than price, price not cost-effective, in fact, bluetooth, big companies do like that, because, after all, the bluetooth technology is not very complicated, big companies also do not spend, they mainly sell is brand .
Method step8:
   If you are worried about whether the product is good or not, if you have this hobby, disassemble the PCBA process and circuit design, which can be seen by a professional, it is not recommended to disassemble.Generally there is no hand welding, the patch is neat, and then analyze the circuit, such as whether add filter capacitance, various safety protection and so on, some manufacturers may save the cost will remove some standard circuit, although the use does not affect, but I think it does not meet the specifications.


Method step 8:
 In terms of accessories, the poor headphones are definitely the worst chargers and charging cables, and the cheapest materials and industries are selected. Good headphones will not save costs in these aspects, because chargers are related to security risks.

Method step 9 :
 The last point is to look at the appearance, kaleidoscope, or need to buy a you like the shape of the right, but you wear a comfortable shape, so that you can use for a long time.

Matters need attention:
Bluetooth communication distance is 10, which means there is no obstacle in the middle of 10 meters.But a good little obstacle can go over 10 meters.

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