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How do you choose headphones for beginners: What are the headphone listening styles?

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How do you choose headphones for beginners: What are the headphone listening styles?

Issue Time:2019-04-15
How do you choose headphones for beginners: What are the headphone listening styles?

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com Apr 15, 2019

Many times, when we talk about headphones, we often hear many people say "moving 

the circle", "moving iron" and "circling iron". The principle of over and over 

again is clear, but many users don't know all kinds of things. The sound style of 

the unit headphones, the author will briefly introduce the following, so that 

everyone has a preliminary sound perception:

Dynamic headphones can be said to be the majority of headphones currently on the 

market. The principle is to use a current to flow through the conducting coil to 

generate a magnetic field, the magnetic field interacts with the permanent magnet 

material to push the film to vibrate to produce sound.

The overall sound of the dynamic unit is particularly strong, the connection 

between the high and low frequencies is natural and smooth, and the overall 

balance is particularly good. Dynamic headphones are more likely to present a 

soft, flexible low frequency and a full midrange. The sound field is large but 

there will be some leakage. It is not enough to completely isolate the ambient 


The moving iron earphone appears after the moving coil earphone. The moving iron 

is driven by the signal current to drive the connecting rod to the center point of 

a miniature magnetic diaphragm to generate vibration and sounds. Dynamic iron 

headphones are widely used due to their high sound quality and small size.

These headphones have high sensitivity, transient performance and resolution, and 

are far superior to dynamic earplugs in terms of dynamic music, instantaneous 

detail and sound density. However, due to the size limitation and the sealed 

design, most of the moving iron earplugs still have no open dynamic headphones in 

terms of sound field.


Of course, in recent years, there are "circular iron" earphones that combine the 

two. The low frequency is responsible for the moving coil, and the medium and high 

frequency is responsible for the moving iron. Each of them plays their own 

advantages. Of course, the ring iron earphones means that the earphones must have 

multiple units. Therefore, to make a good voice depends on the tuning of the 


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