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Logitech G has been grinding a sword for four years, creating a perfect gaming headset, playing games and listening to footsteps listening styles?

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Logitech G has been grinding a sword for four years, creating a perfect gaming headset, playing games and listening to footsteps listening styles?

Issue Time:2019-04-22

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com Apr 22, 2019


As a series of headphones that have beenwidely acclaimed, Logitech G brings players the latest product, G633s, as acomprehensive upgrade version of the previous super-explosive headset G633.What kind of surprise will this bring us? Let's talk nonsense, let's appreciatethis technology-rich headset.

First, the outer packaging and appearanceLogitech G633s outer packaging is black overall, the front of the box isprinted with G633s headphone body, showing that the product is very calm andatmospheric. The back of the box is printed with the product features andtechnical details of the Logitech G633s. As a member of the G series, we cansee that the main 7.1 LIGHTSYNC surround sound is printed on the front and backof the box. It seems that the Logitech G is stereo to it. Experience a lot ofconfidence.


OK, then we started out of the box, a very humanizedsmall handle, you can take out the inner box with the headphone body. The innercasing of the box is divided into two areas, and the sounding unit of the earphoneis arranged on the left and right sides, which is very harmonious. This designcan also make the packaging's anti-fall ability, thereby protecting theearphone body.


Open the small compartment in the middle.We found the USB cable and 3.5MM cable inside, as well as the productdescription, the three-pack certificate and headset setup guide. It is worthmentioning that the USB and 3.5MM cables of the G633s are designed to bepluggable, and the USB cable is also made of nylon wire, which greatly increasesthe service life and is easy to take care of. The details of the Logitech G aregiven.

Second, the appearance and headset buttonintroduction To tell the truth, the game daily A wild is an old user ofLogitech G, from the previous CS semi-career MX518, to today's G500s and G502Hero, can be said to have a lot of feelings for Logitech G. This G633scontinues the Logitech G sci-fi geek style design style, the integrated headbeam connects two large earmuffs, the overall can be said to form a simple anddomineering overall shape. The horizontally folded design on both sides of thehead beam makes it easier to carry and neck, and the telescopic adjustment ofthe front and rear five scales also allows it to be worn by any size headplayer.

Third, the use of experience Let us firstlook at the core parameters of the headset, drive unit: 50 mm, frequencyresponse: 20Hz-20KHz, impedance: 39 ohms (passive), 5K ohms (active),sensitivity: 93dB SPL / mW.


In the game performance, G633s in USB mode,the details will be more enhanced than 3.5MM. Thanks to the G633s upgrade toDTS2.0 technology, according to the gun sound to distinguish the weapon typefor the G633s is pediatrics, for the enemy in the change of the bomb,footsteps, etc. is very test the performance of the headset details, G633s canbe described as very brilliant, with It's like playing with APEX, which isdefinitely a plus for a gaming headset. The fully upgraded 6mm silentmicrophone has excellent noise reduction technology. It can also provideexcellent and accurate voice information to teammates while filtering outbackground noise.

G633s is still the earphones with all kindsof elements such as stylish appearance, solid workmanship and excellent gamesound effects. It can be said that G633s is the strongest comprehensive gameheadset on the market, which brings great surprise to the players. There is nomarket at all. The flashy feeling of other gaming headphones is full ofsincerity. If you need a professional gaming headset, this look is verytechnical, the game audio experience is very outstanding G633s is definitely avery recommended choice.

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