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Best 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones You Can Buy

Best 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones You Can Buy

Issue Time:2019-12-10

Best 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones You Can Buy

by suki.wang@dgbosta.com  Dec. 10, 2019

Are youassembling a home theater or a gaming room? Did you plan out the area and theequipment you are going to use? I know that the first thing that comes intoconsideration is getting an HDTV and a gaming console, but how aboutheadphones?


For a truehardcore gamer or TV enthusiast, a theater is not complete without acquiring ahigh-quality headphone. But with so many types on the market is very difficultto choose one that will give you the best sound effect. Then what type youshould go for? How to choose?


One of the besttypes of headphones that both movie lovers and games will benefit from is the7.1 surround sound headphones. Sounds familiar? Well, yes, 7.1 surround soundspeakers but with a lot more privacy! These headphones will give youhigh-quality features that you will be the only one to hear.


The surroundsound system is usually expensive, take most of your space and everyone will belistening, no privacy. That is why today 7.1 headphones are the best choice.


What Is 7.1 Surround Sound Headset?

How do theseheadphones work? A surround sound headphone has multiple speakers thatbroadcast with different angles. On the other hand, virtual surround only hastwo speakers, which process the sound in a complex way that simulates itseffects on a more directional channel.


Real 7.1surround sound headphones work on the same philosophy as the 7.1 surround soundspeakers; by using few discrete speakers that are placed in the headphone cupsthey handle the different sound channels.


The early modelshad 4 channels (quadraphonic sound). These did a good job with the audiobecause it didn't transfer the sound directly in your head, as most standardheadphones do, but it came for different angles. But today models like 7.1effectively counter one of the biggest problems, detached and unnaturalsound.  The sound that enters in the earcanal appears to come from different multiple angles compared to the stereoheadphones where the audio comes directly from one source.


The virtual soundemitted from the headphones has just two speakers for each ear, as mostheadphones do, right? Well, not exactly, Even though it has one speaker thesemodels work with external or internal mix-amps or pre-amps that translate thesurround signals or normal stereo into a surround sound. These rely on multiplealgorithms that spread the signal into smaller segments. Even though the audioenters in the ear from just one speaker it is designed in this way so that itappears to be coming from different sources.


What To Consider When Buying 7.1 Surround SoundHeadphones?

After realizingwhy you should opt for this type of headphones it is essential that you knowwhat you should look at when choosing the best 7.1 Surround Sound Headphonesfor you. There are few factors to consider:




Wireless vs. Wired

The Headset Design

The Microphone Quality


Connection and Compatibility



On occasion, youwill see headsets that will have unique branding, as a limited edition ofgames. If you see a branded headphone look for one that is not branded. It is alot cheaper and you still have the same features. This is because branding itis a very expensive process and the cost falls on customers. Well, go forbranding if you really do love that brand and if the price is ok by you. I amtelling you this because non-branded versions can be found for $20 or even $50cheaper.



Even if you planto travel with your 7.1 surround sound headset or just never take them out ofthe room, durability is one of the most important factors to consider. Do youwant to spend buy a product that will break after a few months? Well, no onedoes. Actually, guessing the durability of surround headphones is easy, onlyseeing the material used in the construction will tell you how durable theyare. However, reading and learning about the top 7.1 surround sound headsetwill give you an advantage about their durability.


Wireless Vs. Wired

When you searchto find the headset that suits your requirements you will definably come acrosswireless products. Eventually, this will make this more complicated. However,is not something to over think because it all depends what gaming device you use.


If you are aConsole Gamer then you need to opt for 7.1 surround sound wireless headset.This is because most Consoles are 10 or even more feet away from the player andthe wires of the gaming headsets are short for this usage. However, you will betrading for a bit heavier headset and for one that will need to be recharged.


If you are a PCGamer it will be better to get wired 7.1 headsets because you are near it andthe wires are long enough not to get in the way. In fact wired types providebetter sound quality combated to the wireless.


So in myopinion, if you really don't need a wireless headset it will be better to buy7.1 surround sound wired headphones. This way they will be lighter and youwon’t have to plan ahead to recharge them.


The Headset Design

The GamingHeadsets are separated into two design categories:


- CLOSED – This design the headset has solid pads.


- OPEN – This design has a horizontal and smallopening on the pads.


The open headsetdesign has ventilation for the ears and this keeps them from getting dry andstill lets you be aware of slight outside noises. On the other hand, the closeddesign doesn't have ventilation but you will be totally isolated from outsidenoises. If you are a competitive gamer you will need a closed design to get thebest from the games.


The Microphone Quality

If you only wanta gaming headset for watching movies, one that you will use for single playeroptions or you don’t want to communicate with players you won't need amicrophone. In fact getting a headphone that doesn't have a microphone you willbe saving money.


If you are intostreaming and online gaming then purchasing a high-quality headset microphoneis very important. Choosing one with low-quality features will leave the soundof your voice muffled, distant or even barely audible. This won’t get you anywhereand no one is going to be able to understand you.


That is why youneed a headset with a microphone that provides clear sound, noise cancellationand boom arms that you can adjust.


What about Comfort?

Do you play forhours, or do you play one hour a day? The answer here is not important becausecomfort is. Choosing the top 7.1 surround sound headphone must provide comfort.However, not all people share the same meaning of comfort. One will find oneheadphone more comfortable than the other person. However, there is one factorthat will remain constant. Lighter headset means more comfortable.


After hours ofusing the bulky headset will cause ear, scalp and neck discomfort even though thecushions are comfortable.


You can choosebetween three styles of headsets:


On-ear headset

Over-ear Headset

Headsets that fit the ear

Here you willneed to choose according to your preferences because every person finds onebetter than the other style.


Connection and Compatibility

Another feature shouldnever be ignored. This is because connection and compatibility will determineif you can use them on your preferred gaming system and PC/Console.


Type of Connection:


USB Cable

3.5mm Audio Jack

Wireless Transmission


When it comes tocompatibility it means that some headphones might require a specific driver inorder to be installed. If this is the case you must check if they arecompatible with the version of your computer. Also, some are manufactured towork only for specific consoles.


Who Does Really Need Surround Sound Headset?


Do you want toexperience your gaming on a new level? Do you want to be a part of yourfavorite TV series or movie? This can only be archived through 7.1 headphones.So, if you are able to afford the cost of the gaming headset is definitelyworth it. I know that stereo headset is able to provide amazing sound butnothing is better compared to 7.1 headsets. To be able to pinpoint anotherplayer or the enemy in your game will bring you to the edge of your seat. Thesoundtracks, voices and special effects will give you another view, one thatwords can’t explain. So, you defiantly need Surround Sound Headset if you:


Are Streaming

Communicate With Other Players during the Game

Play First Person Shooter Games

Want to Get the Best Effect from Single Player Games

Want Privacy Watching Videos and Movies

Want to Get the Best Effect from Movies



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