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Do you only know Air Pods? Tell you what; wireless Bluetooth headsets have these categories!

Do you only know Air Pods? Tell you what; wireless Bluetooth headsets have these categories!

Issue Time:2019-10-07

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com Oct , 06 , 2019

In the 5G era, people think it is an era of highefficiency.

Also, the mobile Internet has evolved from the original convenience to the high-speed connection, and the efficiency has indeed increased. This will enable people to make more changes in the mobile Internet, the Internet of Things and so on. Even with it, people have seen the"high efficiency" in many matters. For example, before we listened to music through mobile phones, we had to plug in and play. Now, the wireless Bluetooth headset is connected directly from the charging compartment. Even, you can also directly interact with the voice to let it play your favorite music directly.

The difference in connection methods leads to an increase in connection efficiency and a change in usage. In addition to some of the enthusiasts, the earphones mentioned by people, the first time they must think of is the wireless Bluetooth headset, because it is easy to use, portable and the sound quality of some products are still quite good.


This also makes Bluetooth headsets a variety ofuses, distinguishing its classification by different uses. Therefore, in this issue, the author and everyone talk about the classification of the currently known wireless Bluetooth headset, so that you can choose according to your needs.

1, split wireless Bluetooth headset


This is the first type of wireless Bluetooth headset, I will choose a type that everyone is familiar with - split wireless Bluetooth headset, which is represented by Apple's AirPods wireless Bluetooth headset.

The crisp and neat makes the iPhone phone's 3.5mm headphone hole farewell, open the charging compartment to receive AirPods signal, smooth signal connection effect, etc., making AirPods easy to use,driving on the way, use on commuter road even the use of the state of motion can be fully satisfied.

It is AirPods that brings this kind of "the pen of the gods", so that both traditional audio manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers have joined the development of wireless Bluetooth headsets,and launched related products, although they are different in form and name,but not what's changed is the high efficiency of the connection, the depth of interaction with the Smartphone, and the more diverse forms of interaction.


Therefore, the split wireless Bluetooth headset has become a major category of current wireless Bluetooth headsets. Basically,Smartphone brands have launched their own matching wireless Bluetooth headset products.

2, sports wireless Bluetooth headset

The convenience of the wireless Bluetooth headset makes it perform very well in various scenes, and even more types can be subdivided according to the usage scene. In fact, some of the split wireless Bluetooth headsets can also be called sports. The wireless Bluetooth headset is just a big different category.

In my opinion, the wireless Bluetooth headset that is most suitable for sports is a neck-mounted wireless Bluetooth headset.One because it still has the wire to connect the left and right ears, which will make the user fall off the ear and ear in the process of strenuous exercise, and the earphone will not fall to the ground; secondly, it still uses the wireless Bluetooth access method, still can Efficiently and smoothly transmit audio data, and because of its very light weight, it does not feel heavy when worn.


The author used the split-type Bluetooth headset in sports, and also used this neck-mounted type. From the perspective of the stability of wearing, the neck-mounted type still is slightly better.

3, head-mounted wireless Bluetooth headset

Headset wireless Bluetooth headsets should be the originator of wireless Bluetooth headsets, but this classification can still continue to be subdivided, such as the type of noise reduction used on commuting, when flying, or even e-sports, such as all kinds.

One of the most significant advantages of a head-mounted noise canceling headset is that it creates a relatively quiet environment in a very noisy environment, giving you a musical journey without any interference, in which BOSE and Sony, the noise canceling headphones have relatively good products. The characteristics of this type of headset are conspicuous, the block size is large, the noise reduction is good, and the Bluetooth connection is convenient.


Whether you are on the road or on the plane, you can rely on it to stay away from the hustle and quietly enjoy the music.

The above is the type of wireless Bluetooth headset that is more popular in the new era. Perhaps there are some more subdivided products that are not aggregated, but it is roughly the same, which is the type you are using now?

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