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Cold knowledge about earphone, you can't miss

Cold knowledge about earphone, you can't miss

Issue Time:2019-09-26

More and more smart phones have eliminatedthe 3.5mm headphone jack, wired and wireless headphones have become popular. Alot of people think, earphone is nothing more than a can that produce sound.

In fact, whether listening to a song orusing it for audio learning, or making a phone call, the material and soundquality of the headset should not be ignored. Today we are going to talk aboutthe hidden cold knowledge of the seemingly ordinary earphones.

1. What is the purpose of the hole in theearphone?

If you are careful enough, you can findthat in addition to the sound hole on the headset, there are often some holesin the back. What is the purpose of these holes?

In fact, these holes have a name. They arecalled "tuning holes".

The headphones are known to make soundsbecause the built-in speaker resonates with the headset cone and anelectromagnet, sending sound waves into the air to make sounds. In addition tothe sound outlet, the cavity structure of the headset is completely closed, sothe vibration of the vertebral body will increase the pressure inside theheadset, which in turn will block the vibration of the speaker.

This is where the tuning hole comes intoplay. Tuning holes allow air to flow freely through the speakers, which notonly prevents pressure buildup, but also creates better sound quality and basseffects.

These holes are made up of a tuning net anda tuning pad, so don't poke them with a sharp object out of curiosity, or yourheadphones may be useless...

In addition, the tuner can be used toidentify whether the headphones are real or fake, such as holding down theholes while listening to music. If the music doesn't change, your headphonesshould be faked.

First of all, because our left and rightears are constructed differently, which gives the wearer a better feeling ofuse, the earphones are also designed in slightly different shapes, so as toadapt to the structure of the ear. If you wear it backwards for a long time,your ears will become uncomfortable and affect your listening experience.

Secondly, when making music, people usuallyrecord the sound with two microphones according to the left and right soundchannels, which can ensure the high reducibility of the playback. For example,the L end accepts the sound of the left channel, and the R end accepts thesound of the right channel. At the same time, the combination of the left andright channels can also create a three-dimensional sound. If you listen tomusic without listening to the left and right channels, you will not be able toenjoy the most beautiful sound quality.

Finally, people need to distinguish thespace, level and direction of the sound source through the left and right ears,and the left and right channels of the earphone also play a similar role.Especially when playing games with headphones, players can correctly perceivethe position of the other side through the left and right sound channels of theheadphones, so as to improve the authenticity of the game and the sense ofexperience


3. Why is the headphone cable always woundinto a ball?

In fact, this is mainly caused by thematerial of the headphone cable -- the headphone cable is composed ofthermoplastic elastic material and metal wire, which is itself very soft, andthe ratio of length to width is easily out of balance, so the headphone cableis very unstable. Coupled with the inertia of the shaking, the headphone cableis more easily wound into a ball.

To solve this dilemma, use a trick.

First, fix the earplug with your thumb andindex finger. Then, loop the earphone cable around your index finger and littlefinger in figure 8 for several times. When there is a small part of theearphone cable left, tie the earphone cable along the middle of figure 8

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