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RHA announces wireless edition of its awesome T20 earphones

RHA announces wireless edition of its awesome T20 earphones

Issue Time:2019-08-15
Suki.wang@dgbosta.com | 14 August 2019

RHA has unveiled an updated, and long awaited version of its awesome T20 earphones. Now, they're wireless.

Style wise, they're very similar in approach to the ultra-premium CL2 Planar. They have a flexible, durable neckband that attach to the earbuds themselves using a standard MMCX connector.

They'reessentially a cross between those, and the more budget friendly MA750.

This particularneckband is equipped with the 12 hour battery and internal components requiredto make the earphones wireless.

It's not justbog standard Bluetooth either. Like a lot of modern high-end earphones, they'reequipped with aptX compatibility (not aptX HD, sadly), and able to produceHi-Fi audio quality, wirelessly.

This neckband issweat and splash proof too, so should you wear it in a drizzle, it shouldsurvive just fine.

A lot of careand attention has gone into the earbud design and build too.

They're builtfrom injection moulded stainless steel - which gives results in sumptuousseamless curves - then finished in a black, brushed colouring, matched by thehousing of the inline remote and the ends of the neckband.

Inside theseearbuds you'll find 10mm DualCoil drivers. If they're anything like the T20iearphones they're replacing, they'll sound fantastic, with incredible range.

As is always thecase with RHA, you get all the extra bits and pieces you could possible need tomake this pair of earphones work for you.

That means abundle of extra tips - 10 extra pairs in total - in a variety of differentsizes, materials and designs. These include two pairs of Comply foam tips,which in our experience, are the most comfortable to wear for longer periods.

You also get anoxygen-free copper cable equipped with 3.5mm jack for wired, battery-freelistening and a neoprene carry pouch.

As well as that,you get three different tuning filters that you can manually screw in and outof the earbuds to adjust the sound. One for extra bass, as well as a more flatreference tuner and one for increasing treble.

RHA, for thoseunaware, is a Scotland-based audio company that built a reputation for highquality earphones that don't cost the earth.

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