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ANC active noise reduction Bluetooth headset

ANC active noise reduction Bluetooth headset

Issue Time:2019-07-17

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com Jul ,16, 2019


Forthe ordinary Bluetooth headset, I actually repelled it before, and the soundquality is not as good as the cheap wired headset. However, with thedevelopment of technology, the price of true wireless Bluetooth headsets hasbecome more and more popular. Recently, a Bluetooth headset with Bluetooth 5.0,portable magnetic, smart touch and AAC audio coding has been started. To createthe ultimate cost-effective, ANC active noise reduction Bluetooth headsetpre-sale to less than a hundred dollars, a little unexpected!

Who said that after listening to the 10,000yuan, it is actually a headset enthusiast who took the words from ridicule. BOSTA is one of the top ten brands ofBluetooth headsets in China. It has always been focused on creating the mostuser-recognized products. I believe that some friends are using BOSTA'sBluetooth headset products.

Packaging & Product Details

The product name is QCY L2. It is packed insimple and environmentally friendly kraft paper and pit paper. Maybe everyonewill feel a bit embarrassed when they see this package, but I feel that I spendless money on this aspect. The product value is the real consumption. Consider,after all, we will throw away the packaging after unpacking. The earphones areprotected by a plastic barrier. The accessories have a USB charging cable(about 18cm long), instructions and large, medium and small three ear caps.

For many people who are worried about theeasy-to-drop problem of the split-type true wireless Bluetooth headset, the QCYL2 adopts a neck-worn design, the neck hang adopts a flat structure, and theinside is a wire and a memory rim to connect the left and right earphones.Lightweight U-shaped design with high-elastic material, the weight of theproduct is measured to be about 31 grams, so there is no burden on wearing.

At present, there is only a black model inthe appearance, you can see that the product is black in all parts, the neckhanging part is elastic, and the headphone wire is soft, and the wire feelssolid. The side of the earphone adopts the CD thread surface, which has amagnetic attraction function. When not listening to the song, the two earphonescan be attached together and hung on the neck neck, which is convenient tocarry and is not easy to slip.

The control module is placed on the rightside of the neck. There are multi-function buttons and ANC noise reductionswitch. The position of the middle three lines is touch control. In fact, thevolume is adjusted by touch. Short press is the volume +, long press is thevolume. -, and the multi-function button can be used to switch songs(play/pause/previous/next), answer or reject calls, wake up voice assistant,and more. Although the price is cheap, the function can be said to be readilyavailable.

QCY L2 can pass IPX4 test, which caneffectively prevent the sweat and rain from invading the earphone during use.It can be seen that the waterproof interface is sealed at the charginginterface of the earphone. After the rubber plug is buckled, the USB chargingcable can be connected for charging. The built-in battery is 210mAh. There is adifference between turning off and turning on the ANC. The noise reduction modecan be played continuously for about 10 hours, and the noise reduction mode canbe turned off for about 13 hours.

The overall workmanship effect of theearphones can be said to be more than expected. The angle of the earphones inthe ear is ergonomically designed, and it can be well fitted to the auriclewhen worn, and is not easy to slip. The ear cap can be replaced as needed.Generally speaking, the medium ear cap can be used by most people.

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