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Do in-ear bluetooth headsets work?The four most popular bluetooth headsets in the world!

Do in-ear bluetooth headsets work?The four most popular bluetooth headsets in the world!

Issue Time:2019-07-17

Small series is a music fan , in additionto concerts ,Most definitely listen to music on their mobile phones. I’ve useda lot of Bluetooth headsets. The sound quality is good and bad .But there arefour Bluetooth headsets that I like best .Xiaobian recently sawa lot of peopleon the internet to listen to music what Bluetooth headset good ?

Below small make up to recommend four superperformance Bluetooth headsets.


     NINEKAsouth ka N2 bluetooth headset.

This NINEKA south ka N2 bluetooth headsetis a 2019 sellout. In addition to its amazing sound quality, it is also anindustry leader in terms of comfort and battery life.As one thousand yuan tobuild big acoustics, N2 NINEKA south Carolina bluetooth headset also speciallyto establish high standards of acoustics lab, and hire more musicians with TorontoWilliam Arnaldo 20 tuner for two years in Europe and America, hand in hand fordifferent music styles, set-up one million times, just to better the puresound, to the comfort of the best sound quality.

NINEKA south Carolina N2 bluetoothheadset was so popular, mainly is particularly high performance-to-price ratio,N2 NINEKA south Carolina bluetooth headset configuration, sound quality andbattery life is one of the best in the bluetooth headset, bluetooth headset isthe flagship cost-effective, has bluetooth chip package, 5.0 6 levels of depthof waterproof, innovative polymer composite diaphragm, support type - c quickcharge, support intelligent touch, to adjust the volume, collocation, warehousecharges can provide 120 - hour long battery life.

SONY wf-sp 900 bluetooth headset .

As main movement scene really wireless headset, SONY WF -SP900 overall is still the continuation of the capsule shape, headset has astreamlined design at the same time, the movement is dye-in-the-wood inaddition, SONY WF - SP900 standard battery box, can lead to a longer life inorder to adapt to more sports scene, SONY WF - SP900 IP6X dust proof IPX5/8waterproof ability, has better waterproof effectThe SONY wf-sp900 issignificantly improved in this respect alone compared to the life-grade waterresistance of the previous generation of real wireless headphones, breakingthrough the limitations of real wireless headphones in swimming scenarios.

JBLT1108BT Bluetooth headset 

    The JBLT1108 earphone provides a high level of pure sound through aseries of perfect local bluetooth code performance, can shoulder very goodcable headphones, which means, even if the user is using a normal phone ormusic playback Settings

    As long as it has bluetooth capability, this earphone can provideusers with unusual sound enjoyment.The frequency response range of the earphoneis 20-20,000Hz, resistance is 16 ohms, sensitivity is 96db.

B&OH5 bluetooth headset is very popular in nowadays young fashion circles, thanksto the appearance of the bluetooth headset appearance, high level design, it isvery much in nowadays young people's aesthetic headphones sound quality to theNordic and pure and fresh style, suitable for some light joy song playing earcavity design support magnet switch function, do not need to put the ear plugswhen you are listening to music adsorption on a can realize the function ofautomatic stop, the line body USES a similar LACES weave design, look ye alsoforbidden to pull .

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