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Apple AirPods 2 wireless headphones release date, news and rumors

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Apple AirPods 2 wireless headphones release date, news and rumors

Issue Time:2019-06-13

Analysts, patent applications and ourhunches all point to one thing: the apple AirPods 2 will hit the marketsometime in 2019.

How can we be so sure?AirPods 2 hasn't beenofficially released by Cook and Co, but thanks to some branding and bluetoothSIG files, we know they're pretty close -- and they're probably not the AirPodsyou know and love.

In addition to being a true pair ofwireless headphones, the second-generation AirPods will also be a health andfitness device, according to the trademark filing.The title is usually reservedfor fitness trackers, so it's interesting that Apple is pursuing it for itsearplugs, which could work perfectly with the Apple Watch.

      AppleAirPods 2 release date and price

When are they coming out?The latest forecastis expected to be released in early 2019

How much will it cost?TBD, but if theanalysts are correct, expect them to be similar to existing AirPods at $159/£159/229

There's good reason to believe AirPods 2will be available in 2019, but without any official confirmation, it's aneducated guess.

Still, some analysts who have visited applemanufacturing facilities overseas said the company was preparing to produce newproducts, but could not provide dates.

According to a note from analysts atBarclays, our best guess is for the end of 2019.That probably means we'll seethem at apple's WWDC event in June 2019, the iPhone event in September 2019, orat least at the iPad launch in October 2019

Apple AirPods 2: rumors, design andpotential features

Despite its controversial design, apple'sAirPods have sold well -- you only have to take public transport to see howmany people pop out of the ears of music fans on their way to work to see howthey overcame early online ridicule.

But improvements are needed to justifysubsequent releases.

We've heard some crazy rumors so far(including that AirPods 2 is a Beats Studio earbud), so it's important to keepthose rumors in doubt and have some expectations.

In other words, this is what we've heard sofar.

Betterwireless connection

Due to the W2 chip, the 2018 and 2019upgrades will have better bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, according to anonymoussources interviewed by bloomberg.

This is an updated version of the currentW1 chip that handles AirPod wireless connectivity


From the sound of things, apple AirPods(AirPods 1.5?There will be built-in voice activation, which means you canaccess apple's voice assistant simply by saying "hey Siri."We don'tyet know when the feature will be officially launched, but it's likely tolaunch in September or October 2018 alongside the new wireless charging chassis


According to bloomberg, the 2019 updatewill be waterproof, although it looks like it will be splash and rainresistant, not really waterproof like the Apple Watch, so don't put them in thepool.However, this will make the second-generation AirPods a better workoutheadset and mean they can be worn safely in the pool without fear of splashing.

Health tracking

Back in July, apple filed a patent for abiometric sensor that allows AirPods 2 to have health-tracking capabilitiessimilar to Jabra Elite wireless devices.In march, the company filed anotherpatent.

Perhaps more interesting than heart ratesensing, the sensor also allows AirPods 2 to measure the amount of stroke and,when combined with heart rate, calculate the output of your heart.

In essence, this means AirPods 2 cantheoretically better determine your overall health than just measure your heartrate.

Betterambient sound processing

Another patent, issued in July, shows thatapple is working on a great technology to study how earplugs handle externalnoise and release pressure inside the ear canal.

The patent Outlines a valve system thatreleases sound from your ear canal, thereby avoiding the strange reverberationeffect that occurs when you speak with earplugs.

The patent goes on to describe howheadphones deal with ambient noise, using a microphone to filter out noise fromthe outside world, so you can listen to music while remaining aware of yoursurroundings.


Apple now supports wireless charging onsome devices.The new standard, called AirPower, will support the iPhone X,iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch 3 and existing AirPods(via a new chargingcase).

Given that the standard supports existingAirPods, we'd be surprised if AirPods 2 didn't include the technology, whichallows you to easily charge all apple products from a single charging pad.

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