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How to choose a headset for a newbie: How to maintain the new headset?

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How to choose a headset for a newbie: How to maintain the new headset?

Issue Time:2019-04-29

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com Apr 29,2019


After purchasing a pair of headphones, whatwe often do is to unpack and start using them immediately. But many times, manyfriends are always very casual when using headphones, so that in a short periodof time, the headphones are damaged for various reasons.

To be honest, this is really a pity. If youcan understand the cause of the damage, you can effectively avoid it andgreatly extend the life of the headset. So this time we talked about how tocarry out daily maintenance after buying a new pair of headphones.


Accidental violent impact or prolonged physical shock can cause damage to the headphones. Many people think that as long as the headphones can make a sound, it is not bad, but it is not. A large physical impact will damage the earphones, causing the outer casing or internal wiring to be desoldered or even broken. However, if the earphones are treated harshly for a long time, the earphones may be damaged.

Another problem often occurs at the end of a wired headset plug, and we find that the connection between this part and the wire is particularly vulnerable. Frequent breaks occur, and even breaks cause the headphones to sound out. In response to such problems, personal advice is:First, try to buy earphones with L-type plugs. From the design point of view,L-type plugs are not easy to cause such problems. Second, the earliest use of headphones should be as careful as possible to avoid plugs. The wiring is bent.

Water can be said to be the enemy of headphones. Many people wear earplugs when it rains. As a result, the earphones are in the water because there is no umbrella or too much rain. The direct result of this is that the earphones enter the trash can early. Therefore, even if it is a waterproof earphone, avoid excessive contact with water.

In addition, the earphone should be away from strong magnetic, strong magnetic means strong magnet, the magnetic field is very strong. If it is exposed for a long time, the magnetic properties of the magnet in the earphone unit will be reduced. After a long time, its sensitivity will be low, which will affect its sound quality.

Also, after using the headphones, wipe off the sweat from the headphones. The substances secreted by these human bodies,containing oil and fat, are the stealth killers of the wire. Also, it is best not to smoke when using headphones. When anyone is not careful, whether it is the earphone casing or the earphone cord is hot, it is very distressing. In addition, the ash will enter the earphone casing and stick to the diaphragm.After a long time, the sound will be wrong.

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