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Why do many hi-fi enthusiasts not accept Bluetooth headsets?

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Why do many hi-fi enthusiasts not accept Bluetooth headsets?

Issue Time:2019-04-11

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com Apr 9,2019


At present, there is a very strangephenomenon in the digital circle, that is, the Bluetooth headset is in fullswing, and many hi-fi enthusiasts on the other side do not have a cold on theBluetooth headset. What is going on here? Today, the old driver has occasionalleisure and secretly reveals this problem for everyone.


First of all, what is hi-fi?


Hi-fiis the abbreviation of English High-Fidelity, literally translated as"high fidelity", which is defined as: a replay sound that is highlysimilar to the original sound. So as the name suggests, what kind of group ishi-fi enthusiasts? In fact, some music enthusiasts, through their ears todetermine whether the equipment reaches the Hi-Fi in mind. However, judging thelevel of high fidelity of the reproduced sound requires not only equipment andsoftware with excellent performance but also a good listening environment.Therefore, how to correctly measure the Hi-Fi level of audio equipment, thereare still differences between objective test and subjective evaluation.

Secondly, what is the reason why hi-fienthusiasts do not accept Bluetooth headsets?


The answer is simple. Because of thelimitations of the transmission standard, Bluetooth cannot transmit losslessmusic. In the process of transmitting audio, Bluetooth first performs lossycompression on the original audio, and then transmits it. Even with the mostadvanced apt-X encoding, the audio file rate after transmission can only reach352kbps, and the sound quality can only be slightly better. In the MP3 formatof 320kbps.

but! but! but! The important thing is saidthree times, Sony introduced the LDAC technology, commonly known as Sony DafaBlack Technology! LDAC encoding boosts the frequency response range fromstandard Bluetooth 20-20 kHz to 20-40 kHz, and can transmit compressed audiofiles at 990 kbps. In theory, it can transmit up to 24 bit/96 kHz high-profileaudio files, so lossless audio is transmitted (16bit/44.1). kHz) is no problem.



Summary: hi-fi sound quality is actuallybroken from the Bluetooth transmission technology.


From the subjective factors, whether it ishi-fi sound quality, the judgment of subjective factors also accounts for aconsiderable part. As the late famous tuner: the former head of Final AudioDesign, Mr. Takarai Jinsheng said, the original intention of not forgetting touse headphones is to enjoy music. Don't go to demand equipment, you should goto appreciate the touch of music.

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