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Apple responded! Bluetooth headset is carcinogenic? The truth is...

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Apple responded! Bluetooth headset is carcinogenic? The truth is...

Issue Time:2019-03-19

Apple responded! Bluetooth headset is carcinogenic? The truth is...

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com Mar 19, 2019



The news that Bluetooth headsets may cause cancer has recently caused heated debate. Is this true? Apple responded and listened to the advice of experts and doctors!


Apple responds "Bluetooth headset may cause cancer"


Recently, it is reported that Apple AirPods (Bluetooth Wireless Headset) may cause cancer.


Apple customer service said that for third-party rumors and news reports, not responsible for accuracy, you can rest assured to use AirPods products, do not worry about radiation problems.



Apple said to China news.com, "Apple customer service news is basically true."



what's the problem?



According to China news.com, foreign media reported on the 13th that recently, 250 scientists from 40 countries around the world signed a joint letter to WHO, pointing out that the public should be cautioned to use wireless communication equipment including Bluetooth and WIFI. And called on relevant units to establish prevention and treatment norms.



According to the British "Daily Mail" report,Joel Moskowitz, professor of public health at the University of California at Berkeley, said that because of the lower frequency of electromagnetic waves in Bluetooth headsets, it may weaken the barrier of the blood vessel wall of the brain, and the walls of the blood vessels are blocked. Chemical toxins invade vital organs in the body.



The report also specifically named Apple's wireless Bluetooth headset AirPods, saying that people put Airpods into their ears,quite close to the brain, which may increase the risk of cancer.


However, although the report cited experts' concerns about the carcinogenicity of AirPods, the joint letters submitted by the scientists did not directly name AirPods, but expressed concern about the potential risks of “non-free electromagnetic field (EMF) technology”. However,all Bluetooth devices currently use this technology.


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