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500 yuan budget to get the real wireless headset, the new semester will be replaced with new equipment

500 yuan budget to get the real wireless headset, the new semester will be replaced with new equipment

Issue Time:2019-09-06

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com Sep ,4 , 2019

1.FIIL T1 X True Wireless Sports Headphones

The FIIL T1 X True Wireless Sports Headphonesfeature low-key mysterious meteorite black and dazzling magic shadow red. Theshape of the cavity of the earphone design is a relatively square oval shape.The front of the cavity is polished and polished, and it feels smooth and smooth,and feels very good. Each single earphone weighs about 4.8g, which is ascomfortable as his twin brother FIIL T1. As a sports headset, it is comfortableto wear while maintaining firmness. The FIIL T1 X true wireless sportsearphone cavity is surrounded by a special design RotateSecure ear flapdeveloped by FIIL and CNIS ergonomics laboratory. It is securely and securelyworn in the ear, and is available in different sizes.

And because the charging method is replacedby the traditional USB charging port, it is replaced by the Type-C interface,so the charging speed of the FIIL T1 X true wireless sports earphone has alsodoubled, and it has been upgraded to the present by the previous headset. 40minutes full. At the same time, it also supports fast charging, as long as youcharge for 5 minutes, you can listen to songs for an hour.

2. 1MOREStylish fashion wireless headset

Speaking of Yan value, this 1MORE Stylishfashion wireless headset with streamer gold, hummingbird green, allure powderand magic night black color is inevitably on the list, cool and full, and alsogives users more choice. It is also worth mentioning that this headset does nothave the main and sub-headphones. You can connect one ear with any earphone,and listen to songs and calls are not affected.

When it comes to sound quality, 1MORE Stylus’sspecial titanium diaphragm moving coil unit restores delicate vocals andinstrumental music, and with sophisticated acoustic measurement system, itconveys the real texture of music in real time. The noise reduction technologyused in the headphones also optimizes the sound quality experience. As awireless Bluetooth headset, the sound quality is uncompromising; when talking,intelligently filters out environmental noise to ensure smooth voicecommunication.

In addition, 1MORE Stylish can be usedcontinuously for 6.5 hours, and the battery life can be up to 24 hours.

3.Magic Wave O5 Bluetooth Headset  

This headset is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0new technology, the signal strength reaches 20 meters, the normal use will notbe stuck, compared with the previous generation Bluetooth version, the powerconsumption is stronger, the battery life is 100+ hours, and the single time is7 hours.

Everyday exercise will have a lot of sweatbedroom headphones, and O5's high-strength IPX7 waterproof barrier makes allkinds of sweat and rain seamless, and you can feel sweaty.


4. Rumson X-08true wireless headset

The Lemson X-08 headphone case has acylindrical design and is available in grey and red. The unilateral pull-outopening method is scientific and technological. The headset body is designedwith a drop-shaped design that weighs only 5g on one side and 15.5mm in sizemakes it easy to hide in your ear.

At the same time, the Lemson X-08 adoptsCVC noise reduction technology, combined with the two-channel callingtechnology, so that the other party's voice is clear and clear, and the designof the noise reduction headset allows your voice to be clearly recorded andrealize high-definition calls. In addition, the stability of the connection,the Ramson X-08 uses the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, lower power consumption, morestable connection, basically eliminates the annoying delay, the performance ofthe two scenes of playing games and watching video.

On the battery life, the headphones canfully play about 4 hours of music, plus 400mAh charging storage box, a total of20 hours, enough for the daily use of our headphones.

5. EdifierTWS5

The rambler can be regarded as a relativelyadvanced sound equipment brand in China, and has been focusing on thedevelopment of sound products for many years. For the earphone products, therambler's positioning is quite popular, and the middle and low-end styles aretaken. Of course, the price of the products is also very close to the people.

Thanks to its powerful sound technology,the popularity of the rambler is inherently advantageous. When the TWS headsetbegan to erupt, the rambler also developed several TWS headsets in successionwith the large forces. This TWS5 is the latest in the TWS of the Cruiser, andit is very popular among consumers after its launch.


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