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JBL T280TWS headset experience: industrial metal wind, pure American sound

JBL T280TWS headset experience: industrial metal wind, pure American sound

Issue Time:2019-07-30

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com Jul ,30, 2019


As the leading brand of HarmanInternational, JBL has a high reputation in the trend circle and even in theworld. Right now, with the outbreak of the real wireless headset market, majorheadset manufacturers have launched their own true wireless Bluetooth headset,JBL is also launching the T280TWS headset after the explosion of the T280BTBluetooth headset, TWS is True Wireless.

JBL T280TWS headphones are mainly used forlight motion positioning, but the design of the headphone charging box is veryhard core. The outer metal casing, plus the stripes on the top, is veryindustrial design. It doesn't look like a headphone box. It seems to bemysterious. Mechanical toolbox for objects.

The whole hand is also quite heavy in thehand, but it is very textured. There is a battery indicator light and a row ofgrooves at the opening for easy viewing of the battery and opening the cover.The interior is made of plastic material with leather-like texture, which addsto the overall texture. The red and black color scheme is stylish and classic.

The main body of the earphone is also madeof metal, which is consistent with JBL's consistent sports style. The T280TWSalso uses the “Fin” silicone sleeve, which allows the earphone to be firmlyfixed in the auricle to cope with the violent shaking during exercise. Althoughit is a metal case, the weight of a single earphone is still very light. Theweight of about 5.3g is measured, and there is almost no weight-bearingperception.

After connecting to the phone (Android) forthe first time, you only need to take the headset out of the box and you canconnect automatically. It takes about four or five seconds from taking out thebox to connecting the phone, which is the time when you just put the headsetout and put it on your ear, so the T280TWS wearing experience is very smooth.In addition, three types of earplugs and auricle fixing sleeves are provided,which are suitable for different people, and have obvious passive noisereduction effects when worn properly.

As a split wireless headset, the JBLT280TWS also supports touch operation. For example, click pause, double clickon the next ear, press and hold the volume, and the left ear is opposite. Thereis also a left-handed three-speaking voice assistant (Siri), a right-handedfour-shot re-pairing, etc. The overall operating experience is quite smooth,although there are still some delays, but you can control the music and connectwithout using the mobile phone during the movement. Hanging up the phone isstill very convenient.

Speaking of headphones, a topic that can'tbe avoided is sound quality, but there is no way to reflect the sound qualityin the article. Here we only talk about personal feelings. The T280TWS uses a6mm drive unit, which follows the pure low-frequency sound of JBL, and isofficially claimed to be self-tuned by Mr. Li Shengbo, the senior acousticdirector of Harman who has been tuning for AKG N5005 and K3003, which can bringa wide frequency and layering. High sound.

As for the specific sound experience, thelow frequency is more prominent, but it does not feel too stuffy, the overallatmosphere is very good, this is also the characteristics of JBL. At the sametime, the noise control is also better. For the average person, if you likebass or JBL tuning, then the sound of this T280TWS will not let you down. Ofcourse, the premise of all this is that in the case of correct wearing, one ofthe most direct manifestations of the correct wearing is the stethoscopeeffect. Although there is no sound of rubbing the wire, there is a dull soundwhen walking. Of course, the noise reduction effect is still effective. Thereis no way to get into the ear. It is recommended to wear soft shoes.

As a sports headset, the T280TWS supportsIPX5 waterproofing, which can effectively prevent the damage of sweat and rainto the headphones. In addition, in connection technology, T280TWS usesBluetooth 5.0 module, which can bring faster connection speed and more stablesignal.

On the battery life, the earphone storagebox has a capacity of 350mAh. The official said that it can provide up to 12hours of battery life for the earphones. Together with the 4-hour battery lifeof the earphone body, it has a total of 16 hours of battery life, which canstill meet most of the needs of use. . However, unfortunately, the charginginterface does not use Type-C, but Micro-USB, which comes with an orange datacable.

Overall, the overall performance of the JBLT280TWS in the real wireless headset market can still be among the first camp.After all, JBL produces, the sound quality will not disappoint. And theoutstanding design and functional performance also make this headset have agood experience. If you believe in the tuning of JBL and want a true wirelessheadset, T280TWS is definitely a good choice.

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