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The old driver with too many headphones personally teaches you how to choose

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The old driver with too many headphones personally teaches you how to choose

Issue Time:2019-07-09

By jan.jiang@dgbosta.com Jul ,9, 2019


Inlife, we can't do without mobile phones. Headphones, as a peripheral product ofmobile phones, can be inconvenient to play a huge role, and is alsoindispensable for many people. The headset that comes with the mobile phone hasnot met our needs, and more and more people are choosing the wireless headset.There are many brands of headphones, and many people may have headaches. Today,the author takes the recent REECHO residual sound WH-189 earphone as anexample, and teaches you how to choose headphones!

Many people think that the box is useless,and it is usually thrown away when it is disassembled, until it is necessary torepair it. REECHO Yu Yin WH-189 box looked very big at first glance, I can'tbelieve this is a box of true wireless headphones. In my opinion, the wirelessheadset is famous for its small size and portability. The front is printed withthe product brand and appearance, which looks similar to the headphones on themarket.

The back side is printed with productspecifications, advantages and other information, we can have a comprehensiveunderstanding of this headset from the parameters. I used to see the sameblack, especially like the red and blue charging bins printed on the top, butthe author is still black! For the packaging, the only thing I am not satisfiedwith is too big. What do you think?

The box is divided into two layers, theupper layer of headphones, the charging compartment, and the lower layer is theproduct accessories. This product is equipped with three kinds of earmuffs andear wings of S, M and L. The earmuffs look like two sets. In fact, the set isbalanced, one set is transparent, and the appearance is slightly different. Inaddition to the earmuffs, the charging line and the manual are all available,the accessories are quite complete, and the replacement is very convenient.

REECHO Remnant The WH-189 has a roundedshape and fits the human ear. The single earphone is only 4.2g, which is verylight. There is an indicator light on the sleek panel that allows us to knowthe status of the headset. Next to the indicator light is the MIC hole, whichis used to make a call. This headset uses push-button operation, and themulti-function button next to the indicator light can be used to switch on andoff, switch music, etc., very convenient.

The back earmuffs and ear flaps can beremoved or replaced, and can be completed by daily care.

The logo of the earphone is also printed onthe back. The underside of the logo is the charging contact. It has a slotteddesign to protect the contacts. From the appearance, the sleek shape is verypleasing, but the push-type operation is not convenient, I prefer the touchtype!

The charging compartment is made of hardplastic and has a notch on the front. It is easy to open and has a crisp sound.It is very nice to listen.

On the back of the Micro USB charging port,next to the indicator light, you can observe the state of charge.

The bottom is printed with information suchas the charge capacity. The author prefers the charging compartment and thenon-slip mat design. This is very nice. The charging capacity is the guaranteeof battery life. This product is printed with a battery indicator in thecharging compartment.

In addition to the battery indicatorprinted with the earphone logo, and the position of the earphone corresponds tothe human ear, it is natural to pick up or drop it. From the above aspects, theauthor is very satisfied with the design of the charging bin.


True wireless headphones are free from theconstraints of the wire and are very convenient to use, but there may be peoplewho are worried about wearing instability. In fact, you are completelydifferently worried. The front earphones are designed to fit the ear canaldesign, and the support of the ear wings will not fall even if strenuousexercise. The headphones are light and will not be uncomfortable for a longtime. Easy to operate, by clicking the function key to achieve the purpose ofplaying and cutting songs, although there is no convenient touch, it will notbe squeaky. Bluetooth 5.0 connection, data transmission distance is long,stable, and the call and playback are very smooth.

The sound quality is very important for theheadphones. This earphone is equipped with the excellent performance of theBRC360C single-unit moving iron speaker, and the sound quality is guaranteed.After testing, I found that this headset has a high degree of sound qualityreduction, and the sound quality is delicate and full. It is quite suitable asa daily listening song. The built-in 750mA lithium battery in the chargingcompartment, plus 40mA of the earphone, can be played continuously for 6 hours,which is not a problem when used.


I think that choosing earphone shape,stability, ease of operation, sound quality, waterproof performance, batterylife, etc. are all very important. We can choose the right product according toour own needs. Such products will be closer to ourselves and more intimate!

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