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Voyager 5200, the Most Powerful and High End Business Bluetooth Headset

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Voyager 5200, the Most Powerful and High End Business Bluetooth Headset

Issue Time:2019-07-02

The great thing about business Bluetooth headsets is that they free your hands and allow you to answer calls when your hands are tight .For those who own a car, it is better to ensure driving safety and greatly reduce their chances of being a road killer.Moreover, the radiation of normal Bluetooth headset is only between a few tens and a few thousand times that of mobile phones, which will reduce the radiation brought by mobile phones, which is also of great benefit to health. High-end business people generally focus on communication and have higher requirements for call quality and battery life .So what will it be like to use the bintry Voyager 5200, a high-end Bluetooth headset .While boosting purchasing power?His business masculinity can be seen in the binnell: Voyayer 5200, and the design of the dales and the elongated microphone also follow the design Cauguage of the binnelli voyager series.

His business masculinity can be seen in thebinnell: Voyayer 5200, and the design of the dales and the elongated microphonealso follow the design Cauguage of the binnelli voyager series.

The volume adjustment button is at the topof earphone. It is easy for the finger to exert power, so the volume can beadjusted quickly without affecting the wearing of the earphone .In addition tomagnetic suction charging. the petri Voyager 5200 also has a day. There are twobuttons on the microphone for answering or starting that adapt to the wearinghabit of the left and right ears, the two function buttons can be switched,which is a humanized.

I was a little surprised by how useful thebintri Voyager 5200’s voice assistant was there weren’t many things you could do,but everything was practical and not fancy at all .Hold the microphones abovevoice assistant button after hearing instruction can issue commands, such asthe dial telephone, when calling to XXX will automatically broadcast to eachother’s name or telephone number. We don’t have to take out the mobile phone.Will know the caller information. This feature for users often need to make orreceive phone is more convenient.

In addition, the smart senor still comeswith the binelli Voyager 5200 ,Which seamlessly switches between the earphoneand the phone’s audio, But when we take the earphone off, it automaticallyswitches to the phone ‘s receiver to continue the endless calls. We sat basicallydid not hear any wind noise and the quality of the call was relatively high. Noword loss occurred and the sound was natural without digital sense. We alsotested the phone conversations in cars, subway stations and shopping malls witha speed of 20KM/h. And found few cases that let us down. Battery life is animportant factor to test a Bluetooth communication headset .As the plantliVoyager 5200 has improved Bluetooth 4.1 communication protocol compared withthe legend, the connection stability. Transmission speed and distance aresignificantly improved during the period of time I use it .I talked on thephone 3-4 times a day, and about 45% was left after a week. Generally speaking.It is very powerful, and the charging speed is relatively fast, which can befully charged in about one and a half hours.

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