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Audio-Technica debuts three pairs of noise cancelling headphones

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Audio-Technica debuts three pairs of noise cancelling headphones

Issue Time:2019-01-21
Audio-Technica has launched a bunch of new products here at CES 2019including three sets of noise-cancelling headphones.

At the top-end, the £269 ATH-ANC900BT comes with multiple mics to adapt to your environment, while you can choose from three noise-cancelling modes including airplane mode - you can fine-tune these using an app, too. 
The headphones have 40mm drivers, 35 hours of playback and noise cancelling from a single charge and support for Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm's aptX. 
Touch controls enable you to answer and cancel calls, while there's also a hear-through mode - hold your palm against the left earcup for two seconds and you can hear what's going on around you.

Then there's the over-ear charcoal-coloured ATH-ANC500BT and in-ear ATH-ANC100BT - both available in the Spring for £89.

The former can swivel flat and boast a 20 hour playback time and 40mm drivers while the in-ear ATH-ANC100BT have 12mm drivers and can run for 10 hours - they can also be wired up with an included USB-to-3.5mm cable when the juice runs low.

They come supplied with various eartips while there's a remote control that can be clipped onto your clothes or a bag.
Both of the cheaper models are Bluetooth 4.2. 

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