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The Trend of Wireless Headphones

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The Trend of Wireless Headphones

Issue Time:2019-01-20
Wireless headphones are becoming an increasingly popular product, especially with college students. Their design promotes convenience and simplicity, two characteristics that make wireless headphones marketable and highly-demanded. I personally found myself make the switch to wireless headphones this year. I own both wireless and non-wireless headphones, but only use my non-wireless ones when I forget my preferred pair and am desperate for music.
Air Pods, an example of Bluetooth headphone’s cordless feature.
The benefits of wireless headphones continue to capture consumers’ attention. The most obvious difference between the two types is the greatest benefit of wireless headphones – they are cord free. Not having to worry about getting tangled in the wires of headphones is perhaps the greatest benefit. Additionally, users do not have to hold their phones because of the Bluetooth connection. Wires do not get in the way of users’ hands or work space, for example.

Personally, I think that one of the most common and beneficial uses of wireless headphones are for exercise. They truly enhance one’s experience while running. I never used to run with headphones simply because the wires bothered me and ultimately distracted me from my workout. Since purchasing wireless headphones, I have not gone without using them during a run.

Beats Powerbeats^3 – the wireless headphones I own and love for working out!
Some of the most common uses for wireless headphones are working out, driving, and working. They also provide a modern, sporty, and sleek design that compliments people’s appearance more than headphones with wires. From what I have seen, Air Pods, Powerbeats, Beats X, and Beats Solo Wireless are some of the most popular styles of wireless headphones among students.

The Beats Solo3 come in many colors that allow consumers to choose a unique, sleek look.
In terms of user centered design, the physical design of wireless headphones is great. Designers clearly considered the problems with the classic headphones and understood user needs well enough to design wireless headphones.
Air Pods – one of the newest and most popular types of wireless headphones on the market.
The device with which they are paired must be kept within a certain distance of the headphones or else they will disconnect. However, the user is warned when the device is becoming too far away from the headphones. Usually, the user will begin to hear beeping through the headphones or their music will begin to cut out before fully disconnecting. Although not physical, these warnings are also examples of good design because they provide the user with warnings before they stop working. The user knows that they need to ensure that they are in range or else their sound will disconnect from the product. This warning signifier is a critical aspect that makes this product efficient.

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