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How do I wear earphones to stop them falling out? The correct way to wear your earbuds

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How do I wear earphones to stop them falling out? The correct way to wear your earbuds

Issue Time:2019-01-21
EARPHONES that pop out of your ears constantly is one of life's great annoyances.
But it turns out that it doesn't have to be that way. Here's how to get your earbuds in correctly...
Find your earphones don't fit or drop out easily? That's because you've been wearing them incorrectly... just like this guy

One simple adjustment will save you a world of hassle.
YouTube vlogger Matthew Santoro revealed: "Although the world seems to be going wireless there are still many people who prefer wired earbud.
"But guess what? Chances are you have been wearing them incorrectly the whole time. You may have bought a pair only to find they don't fit your ears properly so maybe you stuff them deeper in there to keep them in place.
"Or like me, they just constantly fall out.

"Well I'm guessing you wear them the same way that most people do straight up into your ears.
"The best way to keep earbuds in your ear is to loop them from behind your ear and down so that part of the cord is over your ear.

"It may seem odd at first considering that this is your first time but it will stop the cords from being pulled out of your ear when they sway too much or get snagged on something."

So give it a go... it may save you a lot of hassle in the future.
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