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How To Change Language On Bluetooth Headphones


How To Change Language On Bluetooth Headphones

Update Time:2019-12-26

How To Change Language OnBluetooth Headphones

by suki.wang@dgbosta.com Dec. 9th, 2019

If you arereading this, you are probably in a situation where you’ve just bought a newpair of Bluetooth headphones and you are super excited to start using them.There’s just one little problem – when you turn them on, you can’t understand aword the system is telling you.


Put down yourMandarin dictionary (or any other you’ve reached looking for a solution), youdon’t need to learn another language in order to set up your Bluetoothheadphones. We’ll teach you how to change language on bluetooth headphones.

Could You Change Language on Bluetooth Headphones?


Yes, you canlearn how to change language on bluetooth headset and do it by yourself! Thatis definitely an option no matter where you’ve bought your Bluetoothheadphones, in which country they were produced, which company stands behindthem or in which language you are being greeted when you turn them on.


There is alwaysa way to change language on wireless bluetooth headphones.


How to change a universal bluetooth headset languageback to English?


Of course, thereis a difference in figuring out how to change bluetooth headset language toEnglish depending on the producer of the Bluetooth headset, as well as thecountry it was produced in.


But this is justfinesse and most probably, you will be able to change Bluetooth language byapplying this step-by-step guide for universal bluetooth headset.


1.   Turn on your headset andpair them with your device

2.  Press and Hold the VolumeUp + and Down – buttons together for 5 seconds, until you hear “Welcome."

3. The language selectionoptions will repeat in every supported language. When you hear the instructionsin English, press the multifunction button to select the language.

4.   Additional tip: For someheadphones, it will be necessary that you choose the language by pressing theVolume Down – button in order to move through the options.

Another way to changelanguage on bluetooth headset


If you areamongst the few unlucky ones and previously explained method doesn’t work, wehave an alternative solution on how to change bluetooth language from chineseto English for you.


1.   Turn off your Bluetoothand disconnect it with your device

2. Reset your Bluetooth headphones

3. Press the Onand Off Button two times continuously. You will hear a notification that yourlanguage has been reset to English.

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