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What are the Bass Earbuds?


What are the Bass Earbuds?

Update Time:2019-10-22

It is commonthat we use the term ‘bass’ so often. However, most people who use it don’treally know what bass really means.


Let’s explainwhat bass actually means. Term ‘bass’ is related to the audio frequency. We,humans, have the ability to register tones that fit in the frequency range from20 Hz to 20 kHz.


Now, there aredifferent segments of sound in that same frequency ranges:


Sub frequency:20-60 Hz

Low frequency:60-250 Hz

Lower-midfrequency: 250 Hz-1 kHz

Higher-midfrequency: 1-4 kHz

High frequency:4-20 kHz


What we call‘bass’ is situated in the sub and low frequency. It is made by generating thevibration caused by objects with low density. For instance, you make a basseffect every time you hit a drum since it is made that way to produce low-endvibrations.

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