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How To Make Headphones More Comfortable?


How To Make Headphones More Comfortable?

Update Time:2019-09-23

Exemplary noise reduction and clearer audiomean little, if headphones are uncomfortable. So, you need to learn how to makeheadphones more comfortable to enjoy the game or music. We have the best hacksfor the major comfort issues you may encounter with your headphones.


As your voiceover work or gaming increases,you may find yourself spending many hours at a time under headsets. The lastthing you want is to have sore ears or a headache caused by uncomfortableheadphones.


InspectThem to Pinpoint the Problem

The very first thing that you can do toensure superior comfort is to buy a product that is highly comfortable. Everypair of headsets is different. This simply means every pair comes with its ownunique discomforts.


In light of this, it goes without saying thatyou need to inspect your set to establish where the pain is originating fromand why. The cause can be anything from tight clamping force, uncomfortableheadband, or cheaply made padding.


How did the inspection go? Did you findsome serious design issues with your headphones? Fear not, I have a number ofsolutions prepared for you for the common problems you have found.



TheHeadphone Clamp Too Tight

Headphones are made to fit a largerpercentage of the general public. However, people are different, and theclamping force may not be perceived the same by different people. What you mayconsider cozy fitting may actually be too tight for someone else.


No matter how nice-looking the headsetsappear aesthetically, they won't do you any good if they cause significantpressure points.


While most headsets will break-in withcontinued use, there are some cases when you will have to help with theprocess. A common fix is DIY stretching to make headphones loose. You can use astack of books or a box.

For textbook results, you should use astack of books or a box that is slightly wider than your head. It' s simplephysics really. If you stretch your headphones beyond the width of your head,then they are going to be more comfortable.


Before you stretch your headsets beyondtheir limit and finally break them, you should be careful of a few things. Theymust be of decent quality, since there are pretty cheap headsets available inthe market that will easily break if you attempt to stretch them.


Be slow, don' t be in a hurry to stretchthe set too much, they may break even if they are of decent quality.



TheHeadphone is So Heavy that Presses Head

This is a common problem with circumauralheadphones. They have a ring-shaped muff that rests on the head around the earand not actually on the ear. The enclosure around the muff is closed or solid.


These headphones are probably the mostcommon, as they usually provide a full bass sound and minimize outside noisebetter than other styles. They are less likely to leak sound, but they areoften heavier and more cumbersome.


To lessen the pressure and discomfortexerted on your head from the excess weight, you need more ergonomic headbanddesign. Begin by stretching the headband to reduce the clamping force. Thiswill help to ease the pressure exerted on your head.


Then, add extra cushioning to the headband,order additional cushioning as a sort out part from the manufacturer, andVelcro the cushioning onto your headsets. This will improve comfort and providethe look and sound you like.



TheHeadphones are Very Hot After Wearing a Long Time

This is in fact one of the commonest issueswith on-ear or over-ear headphones. The padding on most of these devices ismade of foam covered in fake plastic leather. All of which do not allow yourskin to breathe properly.


It is surely not a major concern, but itbothers more people than I can count. In my view, it is a common enough problemthat needs fixing. Yet, manufacturers do not seem to take notice, and so theykeep on producing headsets with ear cups that blow your ears with hotness.


The best fix for this problem is simple;find more breathable, softer velour ear pads. Most manufacturers designlow-cost third-party pads for widely held models. All you have to do is conductan Amazon search to find the ideal pair for your model.


The only problem is that you cannot makethe ear pads more comfortable without sacrificing bass and isolation.



Glassand Headphones Don' t Mix

If you are a headphone user who wearsglasses, then you know exactly what it' s like to have the size of your glassesdigging into the side of your head. There is always a super painful experience,especially over a long gaming or music listening session.


It’s true that glass and headsets don’tmix, but there is a way that you can make headphones comfortable with glass.The fix to this problem is to buy headphones with removable or softer ear cups.


Look for ear cup replacements that are madeof faux velour with a sort of very velvety feel to them. Such ear cups willcontour to the shape of your glass temples. This will surely add the muchcomfort you need with your glasses on.


Another simple yet expensive hack is tosacrifice the structural integrity of your headsets by cutting the shape ofyour entire frame on the ear pads. If you are worried about damaging yourheadsets, you should first try out this hack with cheaper replacement pads.


You can also opt for thinner glass frames.This simply means that the part of the frame that is pressed against your scalpis much smaller. This would ultimately help to ease any pressure on your earcartilage and temporal bone. 


TheDrivers Press against Ears

The clamping force does need to be too muchfor the drivers to press against your ears. If your headphone model is equippedwith shallow ear cups, they are likely to press on your ears, causing pressurepoints and pain.


The most reliable fix for this problem isfor you to deepen the ear pads. The only problem is that this solution mayinterfere with sound quality.


You can deepen the cups by stuffing themwith foam material in a circular manner. This will certainly improve thepadding thickness, providing more room for your ears to be comfortable. Ihighly recommend backer rod, it' s cheap and easy to use




In my experience, you can easily makeheadphones more comfortable if you know how. The very first thing to do is buyheadsets that provide you with your desired comfort. You have to try them onbefore making a purchase.


Like human faces that appear similar, butdifferent in contours, sizes, and shapes, headphones also display uniquevariations in details. What seems comfortable for you may not be for someoneelse. The aforementioned hacks are what you need to improve your customizedcomfort. 

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