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HOW CAN I CONNECT the Bluetooth Heaset to MY PC OR MAC?


HOW CAN I CONNECT the Bluetooth Heaset to MY PC OR MAC?

Update Time:2019-08-20
Bluetooth Drivers for PC/Mac
Our headsets follow standard Bluetooth programming formats and do not require any special drivers in order to operate. Windows and Mac OS both come with stock Bluetooth drivers that will operate any and all of our Bluetooth products. If your computer or device is asking for drivers, please contact your device manufacturer or your operating system author (i.e.-Windows, or Mac Support) for assistance. 

How to Connect to Your PC/Mac

Follow the basic pairing instructions to place your headset into pairing mode. Then, with the light flashing blue/red on your headset, go into your Bluetooth menu on your computer and add or search for a new device. 
Once the computer finds the headset, select it on your screen and add the device. 
Wait for your computer to configure your headset and update your existing drivers automatically. An internet connection may be required to complete this process. Once completed, your headset should be ready to use.

If your headset is connected, but you cannot hear audio from your computer, check to make sure that the headset is selected as your default playback device.

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