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How to choose a headphone for a DJ?


How to choose a headphone for a DJ?

Update Time:2019-06-06

How to choose aheadphone for a DJ?

If you have everworked in a music studio or as a mobile DJ, then you know the impact of premiumand durable equipment on your music. Being a DJ is not easy. Being exposed tothe wide-ranged competition and a hype-hungry audience requires the high levelof expertise and experience as well. Using the right gear is one of the topmost important topics for a DJ as a DJ needs to highly dependent on those.Other then Decks, Mixers, and Pads, Headphone is same important gear.  Role of a Headphone for DJ is not only a gearto listen music, but also it has active interaction with your ears and head. Inthe industry, you need to have the best Music Critic headphones can be boughtat respectable prices, too. You can get started quickly, and have quality gearto back you up right away. A wrong choose of headphone can badly impact yourhearing over time. The question we are going to answer today is how to choosethe right headphone for amateur and professional DJ?


Open Back vsClosed Back Headphones
Two main typesof headphones for DJs are Open back and Closed back headphones. While thechoice of the headphones is a personal preference, we will highlight theproperties of both, including why does the other one stand out compared to theother one.

Open Back Headphones

Open back headphonesdeliver a better and more dynamic bass response. Furthermore, the most excitingpart about DJ headphones is the tendency to eliminate, or at least sufficientlyreduce the harmonic distortion. This makes them ideal for the high-end audioexperience in quiet environments.

Closed-back Headphone
On the otherside, if you have spent some time in this branch, hearing the music that youproduce purely is of the fundamental importance if you want to leave the goodimpressions. Closed-back headphones will ensure you that by reducing theoutside noise. It is a well-known fact that the music festivals and clubs arequite loud and closed-back headphones will allow you to focus entirely on yourmusic.

Properties of DJ Headphone
Each of theattributes discussed bellow has multiple or various design, model, value. Letssee which exact design, model or value is correct for DJ.

Aside from thesuperior level of comfort, as you will wear them for quite some time while youwork, the design of a DJ headphone must be durable, enough to withstand theaccidental abuse. Good headphones are engineered with premium materials andfeature mostly metal (steel, aluminum) build.
Additionally, DJheadphones are the best as foldable with the rotatable cups. This saves a lotof space and preserves the headphones. The rotatable cups give the DJ acomplete versatility. Should you hear something really fast, you won’t lose ontime by adjusting your headphones accordingly.

The Cable
Most of the DJheadphones are wired, and in order to ensure the high-level of mobility, therecommended length is mostly between 1 and 4 meters. However, the longer isn’talways better, you don’t want to be interrupted by the wires while you work.
You can choosebetween two types of cables, straight and coiled. While the coiled cables aremore expensive, they enhance the durability of headphones. Furthermore, theyprotect your headphones from the unintentional damage that is a common find onparties that DJs attend.
Detachable cableproperty allows you to plug a new cable in headphones once that the initial onethat you use has been damaged. Aside from being useful, it saves a lot ofmoney, because unless you are quite professional, you would have to purchase anentirely new pair of headphones.

The Driver
The bassresponse needs to be pointy and recognized in the DJ headphones rather than theregular ones. A good driver is what contributes to a more dynamic and richerbass. The better driver diameter, the more precise bass.
In order toensure the speaker level of sound clarity, DJ headphones are equipped withdynamic drivers. Dynamic drivers are a replacement to the high-end audioequipment, and they are quite good in providing the sound clarity and amesmerizing bass which meets the requirements of the vast majority of the DJs.

The Jack types
What makes the DJ headphones really good aside from the top-notch sound is their versatility.Although the 3,5mm jack is a regular find in all headphones, it won’t hurt tomention that a good piece of headphones sports the ¼ jack required for a greatselection of studio equipment.

Like mentionedbefore, DJs and regular audiophiles dedicatedly work on their tunes. Often thatresults in the extended working hours. Aside from the sound isolation, the ear cupsshould also be covered in cushy protein foam that won’t cause itchiness,redness, and anything that will cause discomfort. In case that you wear theglasses, a glasses-friendly pair of headphones is more than welcome.

If you are arookie, you shouldn’t spend more than $100 on a solid pair of DJ headphones.However, as your skills improve and you dive more into the business, you willneed to search between $200 and $300 headphones. Sennheiser offers a wide rangeof DJ headphones, suitable for either DJ starters and veterans. But, keep inmind that cheaper models lack some crucial features as well, and have a lessrespectable bass response.
If you want tospend a lot of money and get quality in return, we recommends the Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphone, thanks to the first-class noise cancellation, perfect bassresponse, and many other great features.

There are manypairs of headphones to choose from. However, there are no perfect models. Eachand every model has their own benefits and drawbacks. In some cases, thesedrawbacks can be real deal breakers, but mostly not. The perfect pair ofheadphones is a perfect balance between quality and durability.


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