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How does your factory do regular quality control?


How does your factory do regular quality control?

Update Time:2019-03-21

Quality is our priority. We test the whole batchbefore send them out.

Our products have passed CE,FCC,ROHS standards, sodont worry about quality.

Besides that, we will do random inspection as well. 

When to inspect?

The first two parts focused on the different inspection levels and on the AQL tables. So you know how to set the number of samples to check and how many defects have to be accepted. With these settings and your detailed product specifications, a QC inspector can check your products and reach a conclusion (passed or failed).

But importers face one more question: when should the products be inspected? This is an extremely important issue for buyers willing to secure their supply chain. 

Spending a few hundreds of dollars to check and fix issues early can be an excellent investment; if might save you weeks of delay, shipments by air, and/or lower quality products that you have to accept and deliver to your own customers.

Four types of inspections

Let’s picture the simplified model where one factory turns raw materials into finished products. (If you also have to manage the quality of sub-suppliers’ products, the same model can be applied to them)

Pre-production inspection

This type of inspection is necessary if you want to check the raw materials or components that will be used in headphone production. Buying cheaper materials can increase a factory’s margin considerably, so you should keep an eye on this risk. It can also be used to monitor the processes followed by the operators.

During production inspection

This inspection allows you to get a good idea of average headphone quality, and to ask for corrections if problems are found. It can take place as soon as the first finished products get off the line, but these samples might not be representative of the whole order. So usually an inspection during production is done after 10-30% of the products are finished.

Final (pre-shipment) inspection 

Inspecting the headphone after they are made and packed is the standard QC solution of most importers. The inspector can really check every detail, including counting the total quantity and confirming the packaging. Final inspections are usually performed in a hurry, just before shipment. To avoid creating delays, inspectors can usually start after all products are finished and 80%+ of the shipment quantity is packed.

Loading supervision

In some cases, a buyer wants to make sure the factory ships the right products, in the right quantity, and with the right loading plan.

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